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11th Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference

‘7 year itch topical remedy trial’

‘Would you get bitten and stung and carry on getting bitten and stung for two whole years, to assist a Homoeopath to find a natural product to soothe insect bites and stings? The people of Yamba did!’

Do you want to know more? The Delegates at the Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference in Sydney wanted to. Ilma Hynson outlined the itchgoes journey to present day trials accompanied by Tamar Boas and Carol Stadelmann.

The itchgoes team inspired their audience with facts, anecdotal evidence, choice of formulas and included a couple of mile stone celebrations along the way.

itchgoes was brought up to date. ‘I am convinced that itchgoes applied topically can ease the discomfort of many skin irritations which have inflammation, swelling and itching, regardless of the culprit or cause’. Ilma said.

People love itchgoes, they love it because it is natural, easy to use and that it works (2017 Survey Results). However, because people love itchgoes, the question often asked is ‘when are you going to produce a Repellent then we won’t get bitten and stung’.

The ‘7 year itch topical remedy trial’ ended with an update on the repellent trials which have been ongoing over the past six years. The delegates were informed that the trials are to continue and now include farm animals.

Watch this space!

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - Journey of itchgoes

Author: Ilma Hynson
Publication:  SIMILIA - The Australian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine - Volume 29 Number 2 December 2017

This abstract highlights Ilma Hynson’s journey from an idea to the development of the itchgoes product. Customers will find the case studies and research shared in the article further affirm the product’s success.  While, fellow health and homeopathic practitioners will find Ilma’s insight acts as a guide to assist others in attaining their very own goals of producing a product that can be sold to the general public.  From remedy trials to product design and labelling, Ilma reflects on this journey with the utmost gratitude for her community of volunteers that supported her during the beginning stages and now benefit from the effectiveness of the product.

Read the full article here

Survey results

A great big thank you to all who took  part in the 2017 itchgoes survey. Again you have enlightened us, in the ways you use itchgoes. We would like to share a couple of innovative ways in which itchgoes has and is being used.

These answers were in response to:  what do use itchgoes for?

  • To soothe burnt skin resulting from hairdressing bleach
  • Use on my teenage pimples (zits, spots)

This is what you said, top 3 Answers in each category:

Why do you choose itchgoes?

  1. 75.6% said because it is a natural product with no nasty chemicals
  2. 66.7% said it works
  3. 46.7% said it works quickly

Who else is using your itchgoes?

  1. 60.5% share it with their Partner
  2. 71.1%  share it with their Children
  3.  13.2% share it with their Baby

What do you use itchgoes for?

  1.  84.4% said skin itching from insect bites
  2. 64.4% said skin itching from mosquito bites
  3. 33.3 % said skin irritations

When do you use itchgoes?

  1. 75.6% said they used it at home
  2. 40% said they used it bushwalking
  3. 33.3 % said they used it at the beach

...and 33.3% said they used it while gardening

Who recommended itchgoes to you?

  1. 47.75% said it was recommended by their Homoeopath
  2. 43.4% said it was recommended by a friend
  3. 11.4% said a family member

Have you recommended itchgoes to others?

  1. 90.9 % of you said you have

The result above could have knocked us over with a feather! Thank you itchgoes users for recommending our product we are really very grateful for all your support and interaction, via our survey and social media.  We will continue to produce itchgoes to heal and calm your skin naturally and keep you up dated with any other revelations we find about our product.

Backyard research into topical homeopathic medicines

Published: Wellbeing Magazine, issue #161 - April 2016
Author: Ilma Hynson

The only topical homoeopathic medicine I had in my dispensary up until 2007 was one for sprains and strains, and if I am honest I used to forget it was there and usually dispensed the oral alternative.

All of that changed in 2007, due to the results that being achieved at our clinic, where we see people suffering from conditions subsequent to infection with Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses. (These are both notifiable diseases and sufferers will have received a diagnosis from a medical practitioner).

 In 2007 trials began to find a topical homoeopathic product that would soothe mosquito and sand-fly bites. Not everyone on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales contracts a virus: however the majority of people do get bitten by mosquitoes and sand flies annually.

People of the Lower Clarence volunteered to get bitten and stung and did so for two years, until the summer of 2009 when the topical homoeopathic product went on sale to the public.

Volunteer remarks included

“I really like being on the trials, I now feel more confident when going out, even knowing the mosquitoes will be around”

“I always used to be the first person to get bitten in a social gathering and now I am one of the last” (About 25% of participants made this comment)

This homoeopathic product is now being used to treat various other skin conditions characterised by itching, inflammation and swelling.

The trials to find the topical homoeopathic insect repellent are ongoing.  The data already collated is showing signs that the repellent formula may not too far away!