Allergic reactions

A big thank you to the makers of Itchgoes

“I’m one of those people who go out into the garden to do some pruning and weeding, and later on begin itching and scratching, not knowing which plant did the deed. The tender part of the inside of my forearms goes blotchy red and becomes irritatingly itchy.

From past experience I know not to scratch as it makes it worse, however, at night and when I wake up, in that not quite with-it state in the morning, my fingers find it and give it a good scratch. As such, something that should settle down in a couple of days often annoys me for four or five. I've tried a few different creams on it over the years and they help a little bit, but the itch comes back.

A few weeks ago a colleague gave me a bottle of itchgoes (which I had forgotten about until day two my itchy rash) and I thought I would give it a go. Well within a few minutes the itching had dropped to about 40% and the redness had started to fade. It was still at the same level about an hour later so I applied it again. That was the last time I thought about it until later that night when I realised that the itch and the redness had gone. Even the next morning when I woke up it was still feeling good.

I've never had anything act so fast and so effectively on my allergic reactions and will certainly remember to apply it a lot sooner next time.”

Many thanks.

Terry Hitzke, Brisbane QLD


As spring is here I developed an allergy to I don’t know what and it was causing me a lot of stress. I was itching all over my body. I first tried antiseptic creams, I then tried antihistamines and I am still itching. Went to the GP and he gave me more antihistamines and cortisone cream. Subsequently many dollars later and still itching, I was starting to dismay. A friend told me about a product called itch goes which I bought and low and behold after one application I had relief and as I continued to use the product it was like a miracle my rash went altogether. So I would like to add thanks to itch goes and highly recommend it to anyone. It is sure worth a try.  Many thanks again.

Michelle Moss, Inverell NSW


"One more testimonial - I am currently on some medication that gives a side effect of dry itching skin. Moisturisers help and cortisone creams also help on bad spots, however the BEST relief I have found after more than 2 months on the medication is itchgoes. It will completely remove the itching from any raised lump spots for many hours at a time. I constantly recommend this product to everyone!"

Katrina Jeffery, Tukurimba NSW


My horses are being bitten to the point of getting insane and after trying just about everything I can think of for the past 3 months - including rugs and insect sprays, on impulse I tried my ‘itchgoes’ on my horse’s hives. Her relief was almost audible... after a few times 'rolling- over' the hives, she gave a big sigh and dropped her head.

The next day the swelling had halved in size - I applied some more and by mid afternoon the swelling was all gone. But most importantly I didn't see her doing her usual rubbing against trees!

Naomi Benheim, Kinglake VIC


Green Ant

A friend had some itchgoes handy in his car recently when my 5 year old daughter was bitten in three places by a green ant. Within less than a minute her wailing had subsided and when I checked the bites an hour or so later the inflammation and soreness had all but disappeared

Phil Nicholas, Ilarwill NSW


Last time I got stung by a bee I was ready to rip my foot off by that afternoon it was sooooo itchy.  When I got home I put itchgoes over my whole foot in desperation.  That one big application made the itch manageable and I didn’t re-apply it all over the next days (I forgot to take it to work) but the itch was just noticeable not unbearable.

Gregg Rigby, Newstead QLD


Auto Electrician Thanks you

“An auto electrician working out of a Garage in Cudgen got a bad burn on his upper arm whilst working on a car. I gave him 'itchgoes ' to roll on and pain was gone in minutes!”

Eve Laurentiussen, Hastings Point NSW

Burning Feet

“itchgoes helped me the other night to go back to sleep! I woke up with ‘burning’ feet. My soles burned because of very dry skin that caused the area to be extremely sensitive. Very sleepy, I considered my options of natural healing creams, oils and homoeopathic remedies, and settled for itchgoes. It worked a treat. It soothed the area almost instantly, and after repeated applications over two to three nights, itchgoes succeeded to actually heal the cracked skin. And all that without having to worry about oil getting on the sheets, or on your socks or best shoes. An oil free and odourless application, with the real benefit of helping to heal the skin – I was amazed that itchgoes seems to go beyond just soothing insect bites.

Speaking of ‘going beyond’. A few days ago, I used itchgoes on the cap of my finger that had some sort of infected skin, reddish and burning, and with skin starting to peal. I did not know what caused this but tried itchgoes anyway. Even if I don’t know the origin of a skin irritation I am confident to use this homoeopathic preparation any time and as often as required, because side effects are zero.

By the way, my finger has beautifully healed. I think, itchgoes is incredibly versatile and easy to use, the little bottle should be handy always.”

Dr Antoinette Ensbey, Bangalow NSW

Hay fever

I am writing to thank you for a marvellous product.  I have been using itchgoes since you first introduced it at Yamba markets and find it really great.  Not only does it work on insect bites - mozzies, sand flies, ants etc - but also on the itch of heat/perspiration rashes. I am a hay fever sufferer with chronic sinus problem and have used itch goes to relieve the itch associated with the hay fever.  It is the only thing I have found to work - and I have tried so many over the years.  I recommend it to all my friends.

Thank you so much.

Ivy Whitney, Maclean NSW

Kid Friendly

Baby safe

With so few products available, that are safe to use on babies. I was relieved to find itch goes in time for our four month old first camping trip. We all used it, we all love it (it works) and we all happily recommend it.

Vanessa Brown, Gold Coast QLD

Mozzies and sand flies

As I live on the water sand flies and mozzies are always a constant battle and even though we try to prevent getting bitten they seem to always get through.

I started using itchgoes on my bites and the instant relief from the itchiness is amazing! It seems to stay away for quite a while too which means the bottle lasts a long time!

My kids use it now for their itches, and they can just apply it so simply by themselves with the roller bottle. I know that what’s going on their skin isn’t going to harm them.

It’s a great product that I recommend to anyone with itchy bites or even stings.

Laura T, Yamba NSW

Child friendly

I have found itchgoes to be very effective at taking the itch away from bites.  The instant I feel a bite I apply the product and the itch is very quickly abated and I have found the bites heal more quickly.  I have noticed that I now get bitten less frequently than before I started using itchgoes.

I carry a bottle with me wherever I go.  I also use the product on my 2 year old nephew with great success. He reacts quite badly to mosquito bites however itchgoes quickly and effectively reduces the swelling and provides him with fast relief. He has even started asking for it to be applied to him when he is itchy.

Meredith Morschel, Yamba NSW

Mum and Toddler Stung - Bluebottle sting

Yes, itch goes is fantastic for blue bottle stings, my 17month toddler was stung for the first time last week in Byron and thankfully I had itchgoes with me, I applied it on him and he stopped crying in less than a minute. I also got stung after and used itchgoes and it gave me immediate relief. So many people were getting stung, I told them about itch goes and applied it on them that I ended up using my entire bottle! So I went straight to shop to get another one when we left the beach.

Savannagh Gouveas Sellecke, Ocean Shores NSW

Bluebottle Stings

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve found itch goes works wonders on blue bottle stings. We discovered this accidentally when a small boy came into our shop with welts all over his arms and upper body. His Mum allowed us to apply itch goes and the child felt immediate relief and the welts settled while he was here in the shop. Wally and his mates all use it now when they get stung. Many thanks for itchgoes.

Debbie Johnson, Marcoola QLD


Leech bites

After a recent Bush Walking excursion with friends to a local waterfall I discovered how amazing itch goes really is. We were bombarded by mosquitoes and leeches to the point where we nearly had to turn back. On arrival to the Waterfall we found our shoes full of leeches and our bodies covered in bites.

When we returned to the car I found a bottle of itch goes in the glove box. I offered it to my friends who chose to use a DEET based repellent, while I applied itch goes to my Leech bites and Mosquito welts. An hour later at a BBQ we all were amazed that I was the only person that:

  1. My leech bites were not itchy
  2. My leech bites had stopped bleeding
  3.  I had no redness or swelling from my Mosquito bites.

As a bonus I didn’t have to expose myself to toxic chemicals to be protected and healed. Maybe my friends will listen to me next time and itch goes will be with me whenever I am out in the Bush.

Sharon Hale, Wooloweyah NSW

Marine stings

Surfer Bluebottle sting

Whilst I was surfing yesterday I had a ‘blue bottle’ sting me on my arm, instant welts appeared.  When I woke up the next day, the welts had become bigger I had not realised that I must have been scratching them all night.

I ran into ilma and was telling her about my welts and that they had become very itchy. Ilma gave me itchgoes to use. Well I’ll be dam……….within two minutes I had forgotten about my itching welts and the next day you wouldn’t have known I had been stung by a bluebottle, my skin was clean.

Many thanks ilma, itchgoes really works wonders.

Wombat, Yamba NSW

Sea lice

Just letting you know that I used itch goes the other day as I was bitten by sea lice in the ocean while surfing. When I got home I applied your product and within seconds got relief, I will be sure to keep a bottle in the car on my surfing adventures. Good to know that there is an Australian product out there which is affordable and actually works.

Paul Robberds, Yamba NSW


I have bought this for my mother, who gardens a lot over here.  When the night starts to draw in around dusk, we have little midges (tiny flies) that can settle and itch.  My Mum has these itches usually on her scalp.  This itchgoes is brilliant as the itch does go straight away.  She also uses it when she travels for mosquito bites.  She found this in Australia when she visited relatives and brought the product back.  She had run out so we managed to track it down to you directly.

Wendy Woodcock, Guernsey, Channel Islands


"Just a few words about my experience using itchgoes, I recently had Shingles, which I have never had before and hope not to have again? I used itch goes on my rash to see what result I would get, It was instant relief from the itch and sensitivity? I continued applying itch goes until the shingles rash had started to settle down. I also used the anti-vitals prescribed by my doctor. Very impressed with this product, well done Ilma."

Judy King, Palmers Island NSW


I now use itch goes when I have a tick.  By putting the itch goes on the tick a few minutes before you take the tick out it seems to come out easier and the site is not as itchy or swollen afterward.

Ros Woodward, Wooloweyah NSW


Paper Wasp Nest

As we were leaving a friends place, I was totally surprised to get stung on the nose by a wasp. I had walked a little too close to the paper wasp nest on her deck. Fortunately she had itchgoes at hand, which I immediately used and the pain was gone within a couple of minutes and when I looked in the mirror later, there was no sign that I had even been stung. itchgoes will live in my bag from now on.

Yamuna Puri, Maroochydore QLD